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Mexico is always changing, just like us. moving2mexico makes it a priority to ensure you’re always informed with the latest news and updates happening throughout the country. This site is under constant development so check back often, and feel free to reach out if there’s something missing that you’d like to see. You can start your journey by reading one of the introductory articles below or go straight to exploring the many FAQ topics in the main menu above.

When it comes to Mexico, travel and safety are often intertwined topics of conversation. Few countries are as intriguing, yet feared, by people north of the border (NOB).  [Read more…]

The climate of Mexico is highly varied. The Tropic of Cancer effectively divides the country into temperate and tropical zones. [Read more…]

No discussion of Mexico would be complete without mention of the peso, [Read more…]

If it’s fun you’re after, it’s fun you are going to get. Mexico offers as many outdoor activities as you can imagine. [Read more…]