FAQ: Family

How are Mexican families different from ours?

La familia es muy importante en México. The family is very important in Mexico. Not that it’s unimportant outside of Mexico, but there are some telling cultural differences. If I had to summarize it, I would say think back to when you were a young child (assuming you’re of retirement age now) and what it was like then. Families go to the beach and other places together. The whole family, from babies to grand parents. And they have a good time. Unlike NOB where the kids spend most of their time attached to some form of video game and sometimes eat at a ‘kids table’ separate from the ‘grown ups’, in Mexico it’s not uncommon to see all ages playing futbol (soccer) or swimming together and enjoying conversation where everyone participates. Teenagers take grandma to the doctor’s office or help her across the street. And when those same teenagers grow up and marry they are just as likely to live in the same house, often building another floor upward to accommodate the ‘new family’.

Are Mexicans sexist?

Depends on how you define that term. Do you mean traditional? Then yes, definitely. In Mexican families the man is still the figure head and primary decision maker. Parents make rules that children follow, and everyone respects their elders.