FAQ: Trash

Why is there so much trash everywhere?

As mentioned in other FAQs, the Mexican culture is probably 50 years ‘behind’ ours. I put that in quotes because it refers only to time, not necessarily development. But when it comes to attitudes toward trash and ecology, there is definitely some lag time involved. However, 50 years ago it wasn’t much different NOB. It takes awareness, time, education, and a couple of generations before things like this change. Mexico is getting there, but in the meantime instead of looking down on them for what we used to do, how about just setting an example by always leaving the beach cleaner than when you got there?

How is trash processed?

This is again one of those areas that is in need of further development. Open landfills are common, as is open burning of trash. And unfortunately trash left out in the open can often be swept out to sea by heavy tropical rains. We can only hope that Mexico will embrace technologies that are being used elsewhere to reduce and re-use and keep the landscape pristine.