FAQ: Billing Options

How can I get my electric bill?

The traditional method of delivering electric bills is by manually delivering a paper bill. However, many of these get lost because of incorrect addressing, lack of a mailbox, or other factors. Fortunately CFE now offers other options, including online with email notification, kiosks in their service centers, and apps for smartphones. Whatever method you choose, you should take responsibility for ensuring you are up to date. Even the online options sometimes don’t notify properly so you have to know when to login and check for your bill, but this is a good option for non-resident owners.

How frequently does CFE bill for service?

The standard billing cycle is bi-monthly so you will get six bills per year. If you chose online billing, you can login to your account any time and view archived bills and usage charts.

How do I restore service after missing a payment?

Missing a payment is never a good thing. CFE is quick to cut off electric service when an account is delinquent but they are not as quick to restore it. Also, it often requires an in-person visit to their office to make the payment and ask for service to be restored. The best thing to do is learn your billing cycle and make yourself some kind of automatic reminder to check and pay it before the due date.

How can I make a payment?

You can always go in to a CFE office to make payment but sometimes that’s not possible or convenient. Fortunately CFE makes it easy to pay in other ways. You can pay your bill at any OXXO store, bank, many supermarkets, or at a CFE kiosk or by online banking or payment app.

What are these pay-as-you-go meters I’ve heard about?

For some customers with smart meters there is an option to pre-load the meter by paying in advance and receiving a token. The token is held in close proximity to the smart meter so it can be read, and the allotted payment applied. This is among the least convenient methods but may be the only method for some lower income clients.

This is my vacation home. How do I pay from NOB?

As mentioned, you can pay online or through the app, but you’ll probably need a Mexican bank card to do so. If you don’t have one you can utilize a third party payment service with your credit card.