FAQ: Sports

Are there live sporting events?

If you are looking for professional level sporting events, the most popular sport is fútbol, or as we know it, soccer. Just be aware that if you ask how to get to the football game, you’re going to find yourself watching soccer, not American style football. Another popular sport is wrestling, complete with colorful masks and of course the usual flamboyant acting that goes along with it. American style baseball (béisbol) is also gaining in popularity and leagues can be found all across the country.

What about Mexican style sporting events?

There are also many events that we’re not used to seeing, like rodeos, cock fighting, bull fights, and even dog fights. These are not for the overly sensitive and you should remember you are in a different country with different values, so don’t be quick to judge based on the norms where you came from. In Mexico these are all considered normal sports and entertainment.