Summary: Finances

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(Tip: NOB = North of Border, ie: US or Canada)

Bank accounts

Do you wonder about whether you can get a bank account? Where? Whether it’s insured? Check out these FAQ’s for the answers.

Money transfers

How to get or send money to Mexico is a topic discussed regularly and opinions vary widely. We answer some of the most important questions.

Currency exchange

What is the best method of exchanging your foreign currency? Lean on our experience in this area.


Can you get a mortgage in Mexico? What are the rates and terms? Look here for the answers.


Something that many people don’t equate with living in Mexico but there are good, safe investments available.

Income tax

Find out if you need to register for and pay income tax in Mexico. We discuss this and related topics.


Does Mexico have pensions? What about receiving your foreign pension here – check out our FAQ’s on this topic.

Paying and tipping

Payment methods, when and how much to tip, why too much is not good.

Budgets and expenses

We discuss budgeting for a move and for living in Mexico.

Seniors discounts

If you are 60 years of age or older, you could be eligible for some sizable discounts.