FAQ: Diseases and Ailments

Does Mexico have a lot of diseases that I should be concerned about?

Mexico, like any country, has its fair share of diseases to contend with. The tropical climate in most of the country is host to many insects like mosquitos, that tend to carry and spread diseases. As well, the state of much of the infrastructure is conducive to viral and bacterial spread. Old piping, lack of sewers or storm drains, and insufficient inoculations and medical treatments all contribute to the spread of diseases and ailments.

This is not to say you should be afraid. For the traveler, it’s recommended that you use a prophylactic approach. Go to your local travel health professionals prior to travelling and make sure you are up to date with recommended inoculations. In particular, mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, and zika virus are common throughout most of Mexico. In some cases you can get vaccinations and for others, prevention is focused on avoiding bites. With or without vaccination, it’s always a good practice to wear protective clothing and use mosquito repellents. Some breeds of mosquito come out and feed at night but others during the day, so it’s important to use these measures regardless what time of day or night you will be outdoors.