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Mexico is a very large and diverse country. Outdoor activities can be anything from exploring the depths of its four seas to climbing ancient Mayan ruins to marveling at the never ending flora and fauna.

With hundreds of kilometers of coastline, Mexico is fortunate to also provide access to four separate and distinct major bodies of water. To the North, the warm Gulf of Mexico separates Mexico from the Southern United States. As you round the Yucatán Peninsula eastward, the Gulf gives way to the Caribbean Sea with its endless white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Going westward across mainland Mexico, the cooler Pacific Ocean provides ample opportunities for surfing and fishing. But follow that Pacific coastline just a little Northward and it turns into the Sea of Cortez, so abundant with life that famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau christened it “the world’s aquarium”. There are few places on Earth that are more coveted by divers and marine biologists.

All of this in one country! It’s no surprise that tourism is such a major part of Mexico’s economy. It literally has something for everyone. Living here in Mexico, you will never run out of things to do or places to explore.